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Re: questions about the Odontochelys study

(Incidentally, under this hypothesis, pan-Lepidosauria and
Lepidosauromorpha are different clades--although Archosauromorpha and
pan-Archosauria are still the same.)

That's apparently because some people, including editors of journals, had unfounded fears about the stability of branch-based definitions back in those days.

And I don't recommend making such a name up just yet :-)

Why not, as long as the definition collapses should archosaurs prove to be descended from the final common ancestor of testudines and lepidosaurs?

Would be a waste -- potentially a waste of a good name.

If I find such a clade in my thesis, I'll let you know. :-)

Well, there's another reason not to make up a name just yet--and
that's that I can't imagine nobody has *ever* thought to name such a
group, given how many other strange tetrapod groupings have been
named. There must be a name floating somewhere in the old literature.

No, because lepidosaurs are the only clade that was not connected to the turtles anywhere in the old literature. Birds, archosaurs as a whole, pareiasaurs, placodonts (*Placochelys* was even originally described as a turtle), diadectids, captorhinids, apparently even mammals, but not lepidosaurs.

("Reptilia" would almost be a good candidate but eh ... no.)

Hm... B-) B-) B-)

But no. Let it just die so we can reserve it for politics. =8-)