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Re: questions about the Odontochelys study

I repeat: > Which species on the non-turtle side of the equation?


Still wondering: which _species_? (¡primo importante!)

If placodonts (cyamodonts) then the teeth are wrong, etc. etc. If nothosaurs and plesiosaurs, well... um... I'm still looking for some synapomorphies.

Wouldn't something slow and lumbering fit better?

David Peters

Jason wrote:

Placodonts if I remember correctly. Interestingly, if one removes
sauropterygians from the mix, turtles fall back into the anapsid camp, thus
calling into question whether or not turtle relations with sauropterygians are
a result of homology, or just convergence.

The phylogenetic link between turtles and sauropterygians
> is certainly weak (statistically speaking), though it is
> better than any alternate position - which is not saying
> much.  :-)

Admittedly, the discovery of _Odontochelys_ has me leaning a bit more towards
Sauropterygia now, but I'd still argue that the procolophonid hypothesis is at
least as strong.