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Re: Bringing Back Mammoths (was Dinosaur Mating Displays)

And East/Southeast as well, no? I'm thinking of the Osage orange . . .
and of course, the effects of ground sloths and mastodons on local
forest structure through conventional feeding alone must have been
considerable . . .

Actually, back on the Siberian woolly question, what (if any) other
species are now extinct that might have been key players in the
mammoth-steppe sort of ecosystem? Mammoths alone may not have been the
only ones responsible for "productivizing" that habitat. Most of the
species (or close analogues) are still around, I suppose - bison, musk
ox, horses, saiga, camels, etc . . . although I heard the Pleistocene
Park guy also hoped to introduce llamas, which strikes me as
unnecessary and historically inaccurate.

And, of course, the saber-tooths like *Homotherium* are gone . . .