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Drawing T.rex DVD for kids available

It looks as if my new DVD "Krentz Presentz; T.rex" is now available! I recently saw the final product and was really happy with it!

 This is a blurb from one of the producers

"The marketplace is filled with DVD's directed at kids. We at White Rock Lake Productions felt that so much of the content developed for learning was either too dry, or skewed for a much younger audience. Krentz Presentz was an outstanding opportunity for us to be a part of a series that offers not only incredible content combining learning with art in an exciting way, but also to fill a niche in the marketplace for a product that doesnt talk down to its audience. Krentz Presentz celebrates the sheer joy and desire of kids to WANT to know more about these creatures, in a way that enables them to carry on their own journey of discovery into their own real worlds. THAT is something we could not pass up. We are proud to be a part of this fantastic journey."

  Keep it mind for Christmas!

 You can view a trailer and place an order at


David Krentz