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New database: Bibliosaurus online

Dear colleagues and amateurs,

We are proud to introduce you the online reference database Bibliosaurus.

One of the most tedious and time consuming tasks in investigation is
the search and handle of the huge amount of references that are
needed. Our dinosaur research team Grupo Aragosaurus has been working
for the last decade in building a comprehensive, user-friendly
database to administrate this large amount of information. And this is
how Bibliosaurus was born. It started as an internal resource just to
avoid rewriting the references each time they were needed in a
publication. However, as it is getting bigger and bigger, it has turn
to be a powerful tool to get fast and precise information about the
dinosaur literature. Up to date, it has over 10.000 entries, each one
including authors, age, geological settings, list of taxa included,
complete references and much more information. It allows
cross-searching also. So we have chosen to make it freely available to
the great community of Paleontologists and amateurs.

You can find the database in our website, www.aragosaurus.com (Please,
notice that this is not a making-money-site, as there are no sponsors.
Divulgation of our research is the only aim of Aragosaurus). At this
moment, the database is only partially translated into English, been
Spanish his main language, but taxa, formations and tittles are in
their original publication languages. The only tricky thing may be
stage/age names, but you could be easily through it with a simple
rule: remember that the usual -ian termination in English will be
replaced by –iense in Spanish (e.g. Valanginian/Valanginiense,
Albian/Albiense, except in the case of titonian, which is spelled
titónico) Period names are Triásico, Jurásico y Cretácico. We want to
upload a bilingual version of the database shortly, so this little
handicap will disappear.

Bibbliosaurus is updated (at least) monthly, and it is a living
project which will be evolving. In addition, you can download or ask
us for a copy of any of our papers in the section "publicaciones" of
our web.

Please, enjoy Bibliosaurus,

Grupo Aragosaurus