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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

I have to go with JP1 as the best, but I could be persuaded that 3 was
better than 2 as a movie experience, despite issues with the pterosaurs
and aquatic Spinosaurus breaking Trex's neck.... 


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>>> Paul Penkalski <turtlecroc@yahoo.com> 12/09/08 2:23 AM >>> 
Jurassic Park 3 was the best of the three. It's rare for sequels 
to be better than their prequels, but JP3 was just a better put 
together flick than JP or especially TLW-JP2. I'm keeping my 
fingers crossed for a JP4.....

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> Subject: No Jurassic Park IV
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> Probably not going to happen:
> Jurassic Park 3 was bad enough for 2 movies.
> Mary
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