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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

2008/12/9 Simon M. Clabby <dinowight@yahoo.co.uk> write:

> And I'm going to be controversial, and say that I was
> glad that the Lost World deviated from the book, as
> while it may be interesting to read about all that
> behaviouralism and follow the clever deductions
> how they found the island, it would make a very boring as to
> film.

 May be, but the better movie for most people (JP1) was exactly that
one in which the dialogs and plot better followed the book. Chaos
theory, DNA extraction explanation and all, the movie was not boring.
In any case some parts of the movie (those not happening in the
island) may be shortened, but some sort of explanations can be better
for the plot. And in as much as I disliked JP2, I much liked the book,
perhaps that's why I disliked so much the film. In JP1 they at least
respected putting on the film the true protagonist characters. JP3 has
the advantage of not betraying any book.