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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

Augusto Haro writes:
 > May be, but the better movie for most people (JP1) was exactly that
 > one in which the dialogs and plot better followed the book. Chaos
 > theory, DNA extraction explanation and all, the movie was not
 > boring.  In any case some parts of the movie (those not happening
 > in the island) may be shortened, but some sort of explanations can
 > be better for the plot. And in as much as I disliked JP2, I much
 > liked the book, perhaps that's why I disliked so much the film. In
 > JP1 they at least respected putting on the film the true
 > protagonist characters. JP3 has the advantage of not betraying any
 > book.

Lots of opinions on this thread, but only MINE is definitive.

JP1 is by far the best -- an order of magnitude ahead of the sequels
-- for one simple reason: its sense of wonder.  Despite the many flaws
of that film, it did the one central thing absolutely right, which was
to have the characters wholly gobsmacked by the existence of live
dinosaurs: most obviously, though by no means only, in the first
appearance of the brachiosaur.  That sense of wonder is what elevated
the first movie right out of monster-movie territory into something
else entirely.

Unfortunately, wonder is a quality that is difficult to project
through into sequels.  TLW had a little of it, which is one reason why
I will always prefer it to JP3; but the third (and now it seems final
film) had none whatsoever.  It was a monster movie pure and simple, in
which the monsters happened to be dinosaurs.  You could have replaced
them with aliens and it would have made no difference whatsoever to
the plot.

What astonishes me most is that the movie people managed to screw up
so royally on such a valuable franchise.  In 1993, they had a
super-hit that was not just enjoyed as a movie but also rightly
admired for its attempt to build itself on science.  It took them only
eight years to get from there to to craptastigsm that is JP3, a point
so low that they've not even been able to get up enough interest to
make JP4 happen.  What a waste.

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