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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

Another thing by which I somewhat hated JP2: it was so different from
the book!!

Depends. For example, the book is painfully Manichean: the bad guys say "Oh, _fuck_. [italics]", "what the fuck", "who the fuck", "why the fuck", "fuck knows what" and so on every three sentences, and the good guys never -- not a single time. I found that embarrassing when I read the book.

I disliked not even mentioning the interesting character Levine,

...who was much more competitive than any scientist I've seen, and probably also more narcissistic. Good thing Levine was always right; had he ever been wrong, he'd have thrown a temper tantrum or maybe fed whoever was right to the raptors or something. Being involved in research on the origin of lissamphibians, I know what it looks like when scientists have vehement disagreements, and that's not it; it can get ugly, but not _that_ bad.

not seeing the chameleon-like Carnotaurus of the book,

Pratchett's Law of the Conservation of Reality. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

and changing RB and the other girl with the daughter of Malcolm!!

That was not nice. Crichton knew the second book would become a movie, wrote it for that purpose (shorter rants about chaos theory, two children...), and then they ignored most of the book...

I liked T. rex running across the streets,

That can never fail!!! =8-)

but think Malcolm should have talked more about complexity theory, as in the book

Oh no. Definitely not. Crichton's understanding of chaos/complexity theory was no better than his understanding of science.