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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

David Marjanovic wrote:

>> not seeing the chameleon-like Carnotaurus of the book,
> Pratchett's Law of the Conservation of Reality. Suspension of disbelief only
> goes so far.

Yes, but I didn't criticized it because it didn't fitted the EPB nor
was a less parsimonious reconstruction of non-fossilizable parts. If
you like, perhaps they got some chameleon DNA to fulfill the
Carnotaurus sequence. We would hate King Kong by being so large and
not especially more robust than or different from other gorillas, if
tryng to conserve reality. Indeed, I loved the old King Kong movie
with its constricting plesiosaurs, meat-eating sauropods, etc.

>> but think Malcolm should have talked more about complexity theory, as in
>> the book
> Oh no. Definitely not. Crichton's understanding of chaos/complexity theory
> was no better than his understanding of science.

Not knowing too much about both theories, and not remembering much of
what Chrichton said (I read both books many years ago) I credit
Chrichton for creating in me interest in reading on these two
theories. After all, a novel or a film hardly can become a treatise on
anything. I have read some books on Chaos and Complexity after that
(and even the first chapters of "The Origins of Order" by demigod
Stuart Kauffman). And I think these Chrichton novels started interest
in these theories for more people than me.