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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

At 11:26 PM +0100 12/9/08, Mike Taylor wrote:
>JP1 is by far the best -- an order of magnitude ahead of the sequels
>-- for one simple reason: its sense of wonder.  Despite the many flaws
>of that film, it did the one central thing absolutely right, which was
>to have the characters wholly gobsmacked by the existence of live
>dinosaurs: most obviously, though by no means only, in the first
>appearance of the brachiosaur.  That sense of wonder is what elevated
>the first movie right out of monster-movie territory into something
>else entirely.

For me, this hits the nail on the head. JP 1 was more like a nature
documentary in which the characters marvel at the amazing wildlife (at
least for the first half of the movie, until said wildlife starts running
amok). I loved that sense of awe, of knowing that we (through the
characters) were wtinessing an amazing sight. That's not an emotion that is
captured by many mainstream Hollywood films.

By comparison, JP 2 and 3 were just glorified Godzilla movies with better
special effects.

In JP1, I also liked that a major subplot of the movie was the
protagonist's scientific hypothesis. ("Look, they're flocking, just like
birds!") How often do you see that in movies?

Finally, JP 1 had a lovely and surprisingly understated John Williams
score. In the scene near the end of the movie, when the characters are
being helicoptered off the island and Grant sees a flock of pelicans
(nicely reinforcing the subplot mentioned above), we hear a exquisite theme
on the piano, with strings joining in as the movie fades to the credits.
This was the highlight of the movie for me.



P.S. I found the music on youtube, but the video is just stills from the
movie, rather than the actual scene:


Steve C. Wang
Associate Professor of Statistics
Swarthmore College