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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

Jeez, a thread about dinosaur movies and I haven't chimed in yet?

I don't really have much to say, but If I were teaching a film class and wanted to show a good scene depicting great tension and release, I would show the rex attacking the jeep in JP1. Speilberg milks every moment for maximum effect. Nice touches like only a piece of glass between the kids and the T.rex. Willing suspension of disbelief at its best!

  Also, a funny little antecdote.

I've been on a few movies with an artist named Ryan Church. Whenever we get the funny feeling that the show we are working on might be cancelled- and the tension is high and the air is quiet as producers are in secret closed door meetings- Ryan would play the nostalgic end theme for Jurassic Park aloud. It has now become the universal theme for " time to look for work again".

On Dec 9, 2008, at 4:17 PM, Raptorial Talon wrote:

"-in JP2 Bakker's copy was killed and shown as a faint-hearted bozo."

Yeah, but IIRC he also said something about T. rex exclusively being a
scavenger, so . . . style over substance? Regardless of how he looks,
his argument was not Bakker's . . .

"And I'm going to be controversial, and say that I was
glad that the Lost World deviated from the book,"

I was too. The book's villains were poorly organized and few in
number. Frankly, an island full of dinosaurs is something every major
corporation on *Earth* would be fighting to get their hands on, given
the potential profit, so the large-scale operation in the film made
more sense to me.

As to other aspects where they were different, some were good, some
not. Oh well.

"Let *Spinosaurus* pwn *Tyrannosaurus*. I don't care. But anything
that survives having its neck between a pair of *Tyrannosaurus* jaws
is against the laws of thermodynamics."

Exactly. The problem is not that the spinosaur won, which is fine. The
problem was that the means employed by the tyrannosaur should,
realistically, have had a very different outcome.

Unless the tyrannosaur had an injured jaw or something, which is never implied.