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RE: No Jurassic Park IV

" the idea that blowing into one would [] somehow
leave you uneaten "

It's something that happens over and over in Crichton's books and films.
Towards the end, after nearly all the deaths and usually after the
protagonist has to climb some more or less vertical ladder to relative
safety while being zapped by laser beams or snapped at by predators (which
seems to reference a traumatic experience in Crichton's youth when he was
persuaded by his father to climb a cliff in search of fossils or something -
that would also explain hostility to palaeontology if I recall correctly),
it suddenly becomes completely safe (and desirable) to walk right into the
raptors' nest. It's used for exposition, to show or explain things that were
mysterious and frightening or unknown earlier in the story, but it's still a
pretty clunky way to write.  I know they had multiple screenwriters on the
JP films, but you can see Crichton was pretty closely involved in all 3. 

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"the braincase endocast that was sold to us as an air chamber for
communication. Someone must have been projecting ;-)"

Heh . . .

That being the prime example of

"the most hokey, suspension-of-disbelief-snapping stuff of the three . . ."

Well, that and the idea that blowing into one would would somehow
leave you uneaten.

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