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Re: No Jurassic Park IV

"Sorry, no offense meant to the classic Godzilla movies. I was
thinking more of the new version by the people who made _Independence

Ah. In that case I agree completely.

But yeah, in terms of the films, we've got the first, which is a
Frankenstein story, the second, which is a pretty conventional King
Kong-type "creature(s)" run amok" story, and the third, which is a
rather typical "marooned in a hostile location" story.

Really, none of them were very groundbreaking as far as themes go,
although the first one did have the special effects, the
revitalization of dinosaurs in the mainstream media, and the
introduction of DNA and related concepts to a mass audience, so that's

And, of course, the first one - including the book - is suspiciously
similar to, if more developed than, the 1950's B-movie "The Killer
Shrews." Take that as you will.