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Re: Skorpiovenator, what a name

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2008/12/8 Dawid Mazurek <dawidmazurek@wp.pl>
> Canale, J. I., Scanferla, C. A., Agnolin, F., Novas, F. E. 2008. New 
> carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of NW Patagonia and the 
> evolution of abelisaurid theropods. Naturwissenschaften. doi 
> 10.1007/s00114-008-0487-4.
> A nearly complete skeleton of the new abelisaurid Skorpiovenator bustingorryi 
> is reported here. The holotype was found in Late Cenomanian-Early Turonian 
> outcrops of NW Patagonia, Argentina. This new taxon is deeply nested within a 
> new clade of South American abelisaurids, named Brachyrostra. Within 
> brachyrostrans, the skull shortening and hyperossification of the skull roof 
> appear to be correlated with a progressive enclosure of the orbit, a set of 
> features possibly related to shock-absorbing capabilities. Moreover, the 
> development of horn-like structures and differential cranial thickening 
> appear to be convergently acquired within Abelisauridae. Based on the 
> similarities between Skorpiovenator and carcharodontosaurid tooth morphology, 
> we suggest that isolated teeth originally referred as post-Cenomanian 
> Carcharodontosauridae most probably belong to abelisaurids.