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Re: An odd paper request

Isn't there a separate code for ichnology?

I don't know if there's an actual code, but there is a separate tradition.

Actually nomina nuda is the term Bertling et al. 2006 used when discussing the paper. I believe they chose the term based on the idea that since the second edition of the ICZN modern "works of animals"* named after 1931 are not allowed (Art. 1.2.1 or Art. 1.3.6 but that gives the date as 1930 not 1931 in the copy I am looking at).

...are not allowed under the ICZN, which deals with taxonomy, not with ichnotaxonomy. It is not allowed to use a trace as the type for a taxon of animals, but it is allowed (in ichnotaxonomy) to use a trace as the type for a taxon of traces, an ichnotaxon.

Ootaxonomy (for eggshells) is similar.