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Re: An odd paper request

Quoting "Dawid Mazurek" <dawidmazurek@wp.pl>:

I just recalled - I read once an article (can give a reference if needed), in which the author erected some new taxa based on trace fossils only. He didn't erect ichnotaxons, but real body-based taxa. Though there were no body fossils known, he figured out that the trace fossils in the examples studied give enough information on the morphology of a trackmaker to diagnose the animal correctly. What do You think about that?

Actually if you have a reference for it that would be great. As for the author arguing that he had enough information to name a body-based taxa from a track it kind of seems overtly confident of him (which granted could just be me being over confident). According to the code even if somebody was to find body fossils for these tracks the tracks would still be treated as an ichnotaxa and have no priority over the name of the body fossils. A good case for this would be Soergel's work on Chirotherium tracks in which he predicted a track maker though body fossils were not known (I recommend Thulborn's Dinosaur Tracks for a good summery of the previously held beliefs including an illustration of Owen's infamous cross stepping amphibian). When Krebs discovered Ticinosuchus ferox (I love that name) and argued that it was a match for Soergel's predicted trackmaker he was not required to name it after the tracks (this is actually the example cited in the ICZN). What does happen, and is allowed to happen though probably not the best practise, is the naming of tracks from body taxa such as Tyrannosauropus (yes it is a large theropod print from the right time and location but still). It is basically saying that our knowledge of the fossil record is so complete that I can with out a doubt say that this animal and only this animal left these types of tracks (me and one of my committee members can even agree that Tetrapodosaurus tracks were made by ankylosaurs as opposed to ceratopsians).
-T (if you could caulk my long windedness up to passion for both the subject and good debate instead of knowitalism that would be great)