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Pdfs request from The Geology and Paleontology of the Late Cretaceous marine deposits of the Dakotas

Dear list,

I'am looking for six papers from the "The Geology and Paleontology of the Late 
Cretaceous marine deposits of the Dakotas" volume, namely:

Hargrave, J. E., 1007, Pteranodon (Reptilia: Pterosauria): Stratigraphic 
distribution and taphonomy in the lower Pierre Shale Group (Campanian) western 
South Dakota and eastern Wyoming

Martin, J. E,. and Cordes-Person, A., 2007, A new spcies of the diving bird 
Baptornis (Ornithurae: Hesperornithifomres) from the lower Pierre Shale Group 
(Upper Cretaceous) of southwestern South Dakota

Doreena Patrick, James E. Martin, David C. Parris, and David E. Grandstaff, 
Rare earth element determination of the stratigraphic position of the holotype 
of Mosasaurus missouriensis (Harlan), the first named fossil reptile from the 
American West  

Robert W. Meredith, James E. Martin, and Paul N. Wegleitner, The largest 
mosasaur (Squamata: Mosasauridae) from the Missouri River area (Late 
Cretaceous; Pierre Shale Group) of South Dakota and its relationship to Lewis 
and Clark 

Hoganson, J. W., Erickson, J. M., and Holland, Jr., F. D., Amphibian, 
reptilian, and avian remains from the Fox Hills Formation (Maastrichtian): 
shoreline and estuarine deposits of the Pierre Sea in south-central North 

Schumacher, B. A., 2007, A new polycotylid plesiosaur (Reptilia; Sauropterygia) 
from the Greenhorn Limestone (Upper Cretaceous; lower upper Cenomanian), Black 
Hills, South Dakota

If somene has a pdf to share, I'd be lucky to receive a copy,

thanks in advance,

Michael Lange

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