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AW: Pdfs request from The Geology and Paleontology of the Late Cretaceous marine deposits of the Dakotas

If anyone has a PDF of these two, I'd be delighed about receiving a copy too:

> Martin, J. E,. and Cordes-Person, A., 2007, A new spcies of
> the diving bird Baptornis (Ornithurae: Hesperornithifomres)
> from the lower Pierre Shale Group (Upper Cretaceous) of
> southwestern South Dakota

> Hoganson, J. W., Erickson, J. M., and Holland, Jr., F. D.,
> Amphibian, reptilian, and avian remains from the Fox Hills
> Formation (Maastrichtian): shoreline and estuarine deposits
> of the Pierre Sea in south-central North Dakota. 

Thanks in advance,