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An Elaphrosaurus question and request

Hello all, 

I'd like to both ask a quick question and request a paper.  However, I'm 
thinking that the paper might answer the question, but I will ask anyway.

I was recently reading a 1991 article on the diverse theropod fauna from the 
Dry Mesa Quarry, and I came across a vague reference to Elaphrosaurus remains.  
I've seen a handful of short references to Elaphrosaurus-like fossils from the 
Morrison.  However, those references are never in-depth and I have certainly 
never seen such remains figured.  Is there any validity to these claims? 

Finally, if anyone has it,  I would love a copy of the following paper.  I 
didn't have luck getting in touch with the author: 

Rauhut, O. 2005. Post-cranial remains of 'coelurosaurs' (Dinosauria, Theropoda) 
from the Late Jurassic of Tanzania. Geological Magazine 142: 97-107.

Thanks very much, 

Adam Pritchard