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Re: Daddy day-care: dinosaur fathers guarded the eggs

Quoting Janet m vandenburgh <van02@cox.net>:

> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28302741/
> updated 59 minutes ago
> WASHINGTON - By Will Dunham
> You can call it dino daddy day-care.
> Scientists who examined the fossilized remains of three types of
> medium-sized dinosaurs found with large clutches of eggs have concluded that
> the males rather than the females seem to have guarded the nests and brooded
> the eggs.

A ratite-like system seems to make a lot of sense for non-avian theropods, so 
it isn't such a surprise. 
It's good to see some evidence of it though.

I myself once postulated that the Lark Quarry prints here in Australia might 
represent a single large 
theropod taking a creche of young juveniles down to a lake to drink, rather 
than a lone predator 
spooking a group of smaller theropods of a different species. The fact that 
some of the smaller 
theropod tracks are inside some of the larger ones might suggest they were 
following close at dad's 


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