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RE: Peloroplites

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008, Tommy Bradley wrote:
Allen Hazen wrote:
But does it just mean heavy?  I think the last three
syllables of the genus
name are a reference to hoplites, the armored warriors of
ancient Greece.

Tim wrote: That's the usual derivation given for the ankylosaur genus Sauroplites_: Gk _sauros_ ("lizard") + Gk _hoplites_ ("armored soldier"). _Peloroplites_ substitutes Gk _peloros_ ("monstrous, gigantic") for the first part of the name.

And yes, it is a great name. :-)

I wrote: Is there any other info available on this creature? I did an internet search just to find out what the heck it is, and the only info I found was 100 MYA. Is the Abstract available? Or is it currently undescribed? Thanks, Tommy Bradley

100 mya info? ;)