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Re: Eunotosaurus and turtles

2008/12/21, David Peters <davidpeters@att.net>:
> David Marjanovic did a great job with Eunotosaurus. He's right on all
> counts.
> If you seek the ancestry and sisterhood of turtles, the best bet is
> still within the Pareiasauria, and the best pareiasaur is the one
> without cheek flanges. Unfortunately it has been largely forgotten
> and hasn't made print since 1925.
> David Peters
> davidpeters@att.net

Not that I am saying Eunotosaurus is the sister taxon of turtles. This
would require a phylogenetic analysis. My main interest here was just
to discuss some interesting features that may well result to be

I think, whatever the relationships of Eunotosaurus, that the
similarities should be employed in phylogenetic analyses and not
disregarded because of their linkage with given functional aspects or
because of just the possibility that the rib widenings can come from
different origins (dermal vs. endochondral), which as is more of an
embryological issue, does not seem to be so easy to assess in