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RE: The Mystery of "Kaosaurus"

I don't have any ability to comment on the beastie itself, but:

> > The paper has a corresponding website with some images of
> > the animal and some other finds from the area.  The site
> > describes the discovery site in depth as well as some other
> > local vertebrates (mosasaurs, fish.)  The strangest thing I
> > found on the site was the authors describing their
> > publication of the findings on CD only: it did not sound
> > like a method that the ICZN would recognize or one
> > distributed to the paleontological community.

The ICZN does currently permit publication on CD, with the proviso that
they "must contain a statement that copies (in the form in which it is
published) have been deposited in at least 5 major publicly accessible
libraries which are identified by name in the work itself". I haven't
been able to find anything on the website that names the depositories,
but I suppose one could not be certain without seeing the CD itself. I
don't know if the website text is meant to be identical to the CD. The
CD is cited in the pdf as:

Michaut M., 2002. Faune et écosystème marin épicontinental, Crétacé
terminal du bassin des Iullemmeden, Niger. Publication CD (norme ICZN

Another version of the pdf supplied by Adam Pritchard is online at
df. Though loaded as a separate paper (and with authors given as Adamou
Kané & Marc Michaut rather than just Marc Michaut), the two pdfs seem to
be roughly similar. In fact, the Kané & Michaut pdf is the "precedent"
referred to in the abstract to the Michaut only pdf, though it doesn't
make any appearance in the bibliography for the latter.


        Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor
Dept of Environmental Biology
Curtin University of Technology
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