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Re: Eunotosaurus and turtles

David Marjanovic wrote:

> And, yes, the shoulder girdle is cranial, not medial, to the "8th cervical" 
> rib
> in *Proganochelys* according to the text, drawings and photos in Gaffney
> '90.

Ok., I think it to be right with respect to the rib of the "eight
cervical" and perhaps first dorsal. The girdle crosses indeed cranial
to both. But I also think the girdle is medial to (it is, laterally
overlapped by) the first ribs forming the shell, such as that
integrated with the first costal plate (2nd dorsal according to
Gaffney 90').

I think the girdle shifts caudally passing through the space between
the ribs of the "8th cervical" and that of the "1rst dorsal".