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In search of...

Dear list,

I'm looking for several papers of Triassic tetrapods:

Damiani, R. J., 2001, Cranial anatomy of the giant Middle Triassic
temnospondy Cherninia megarhina and a review of feeding in
mastodonsaurids: Palaeontologia africana, v. 37, p. 41-52.

Hellrung, H., 2002, The last trematosaurid amphibian Hyperokynodon
keuperinus revisited: Stuttgarter BeitrÃge zur Naturkunde Serie B
(Geologie und PalÃontologie), n. 321, 9pp

Lucas, S. G., and Schoch, R. R., 2002, Triassic temnospondyl
biostratigraphy, biochronlogy and correlation of the German
Buntsandstein and North American Moenkopi Formation: Lethaia, v. 35,
p. 87-106.

Damiani, R.J. 2000. Bone histology of some Australian Triassic
temnospondyl amphibians: preliminary data. Modern Geology 24: 109-124.

Damiani, R.J. 2001. Parotosuchus (Amphibia, Temnospondyli) from the
Cynognathus Assemblage Zone (Early Triassic) of South Africa: cranial
morphology and relationships. Alcheringa 25: 351â379.

If someone has a pdf, I'd be happy to receive a copy,

many thanks in advance,

Josep Fortuny
Institut Català de Paleontologia