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Re: ICZN exegesis was Re: New Shandong Dinosaur Discoveries

I notice that you did not include 32.5, which argues for what constitutes an incorrect original spelling:

I talked about that article at great length. I didn't paste it in because it's very long, but mentioned what it says. Don't reply before you've read the whole thing.

But, wait, there's MORE!

Yes, on -opsidae family names, not on emendations (BTW: as you'll see from the code, that's the correct spelling, with one m) of species names from -i to -orum; I only looked for articles that are applicable to the latter.

 "29.5. Maintenance of current spellings. If a spelling of a family-group
  name was not formed in accordance with [Article 29.3] but is in
  prevailing usage, that spelling is to be maintained, whether or not it
  is the original spelling and whether or not its derivation from the
  name of the type genus is in accordance with the grammatical procedures
  in [Articles 29.3.1] and [29.3.2]."

OK, this fixes Ceratopsidae.

I think I'll end this here.

I notice you didn't talk about species names anymore. Do you agree the code contradicts itself on that issue?