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Old Berlin Brachiosaurus picture

Dear listmembers,

I am in search of an image of the Brachiosaurus
brancai housed at the museum of Natural History of
Berlin that incidentally appeared in a dossier on
dinosaurs of the Spanish magazine "Muy Interesante" in
1992 or 1993. The requested image is a color painting
or drawing made in the years 1936 to 1945 that
portrays the skeleton of the Tendaguru Brachiosaurus
being admired by some museum visitors. The most
conspicuous issue of this picture is that some Nazi
flags hang from the windows of the museum.  I need the
image to graphically exemplify the use of  political
propaganda in paleontology in a paper that I am
writing, reason why will be thankful for any aid that
you can provide to me.
Warm greetings and Happy New Year,

Ruben Guzman.

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