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Re: ICZN exegesis was Re: New Shandong Dinosaur Discoveries

Since when was I ever referring only to species names?

Not only. If you read my post again, you'll find two quotes from yourself. Here's the first (which starts with an earlier quote by me):

> <* Which reminds me: the temnospondyl workers switched
> all -opsidae/-opsoidea names to -opidae/-opoidea maybe 10 or 15 years > ago,
> and nobody seems to complain...>
> If they did it before the ICZN cut off emmendations like this in 1999,
> then yeah, no one should complain.

I merely replied:

So they were required by the 1985 code?

Then I went on to the second:

> I am still noticing uses of *-orum* in attempts to modify names ending > in
> *-i* despite the cutoff point having passed.

And this is what I spent the rest of the post on, eight kilobytes in total. One reason is that last time you mentioned this (a few weeks ago) I didn't have time to reply at all, so I wanted to deal with this at last.

Maybe I should make my topic switches more obvious. I figured when I reply to one quote, I reply to one quote...

However, I would caution you on unneccesary corrections on posts, as it comes off as a little snide.

That is not my intent. I figured that you quote the code as saying "emendation" and still add an extra m when you write the word yourself in the same post, someone will have to tell it to you explicitly sooner or later, and I figured this was a good opportunity. :-|

(Oh, my "Y" key sticks a lot....

Have you tried shaking the dust out of the keyboard? In my experience, unprotected keyboards accumulate insane amounts of dust every few weeks, and almost all keyboards are unprotected, including those of laptops, even when the laptop is closed.

The same holds for mice, incidentally. I have "repaired" many a mouse that behaved erratically by simply opening it and taking the dust out.