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Re: ICZN exegesis was Re: New Shandong Dinosaur Discoveries

David Marjanovic wrote:

> The same holds for mice, incidentally. I have "repaired" many a mouse that
> behaved erratically by simply opening it and taking the dust out.

Did it solved the problem of the mouse clicking when you did not
commanded it to do so? (My main problem now, do not know if it is
virus or what; I can move the mouse cursor, but it clicks whenever its
murine free will wants).

Sorry if this seems off-topic in a discussion mainly on nomenclature
instead of mice, but hey, one can defend the importance of mice: in as
much as nomenclature is a tool in science, and not a system of
explanatory theories, mice are also tools that helps in science also
(writing, running software, etc)!!