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Re: "The wonder of Sir David Attenborough"

They won't be able to replace David Attenborough -- he's not just the voice over, he's interacting with the critters. Maybe PBS Nature will pick it up uncut.
Here's a news clip about him and the series:


Also the trailers are to die for. My favorite is the "Frog Chorus" 

On Feb 5, 2008, at 8:35 AM, Denver Fowler wrote:

You know, I wouldn't mind watching the US version of these shows if they didn't butcher them so badly. I remember 'walking with prehistoric beasts' being virtually unwatchable on US Discovery. The "Planet Earth" US version was annoying too. I'm happy to wait for a US screening of life in cold blood, but I suspect they'll just ruin it... probably replacing David Attenborough with some Hollywood C- lister who struggles to pronounce the names of the animals correctly. Maybe I'll just shell out for the UK DVD when it comes out (end of feb?).