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"Dinosaurs" permanent exhibit - coming soon to the Australian Museum

"Dinosaurs" exhibit, coming to the Australian Museum in Sydney (March 2008)


From the website:

"Experience an epic adventure of discovery in a pre-historic world of predator and prey when 'Dinosaurs' - a new permanent exhibition - opens at the Australian Museum in March 2008...

"Marvel at newly discovered dinosaurs never before displayed in Australia including the 228 million year old Eoraptor; the bird-like Bambiraptor; and the amazing Jobaria - a 22m long sauropod (long-necked plant eater)...

"Highlights for visitors of all ages include:

- Make a sound like a crested dinosaur;
- Spin the 'wheel of misfortune' and discover what animals survived the mass extinction;
- Watch the life-sized, CGI-animated projection that recreates a real Australian dinosaur stampede;
- Breathe in smells of the dinosaur world;
- Compare your height to dinosaurs of different ages;
- Dig up and identify dinosaur bones in the hands-on laboratory; and,
- Get creative with 'Design-a-saurus' - answer some simple questions to design a dinosaur that best matches your personality.

"The Australian highlights include a skeleton of the 9m long plant-eating Muttaburrasaurus; a life-size model of Minmi -- an armoured dinosaur found in Queensland; and a complete Australian scene from some 110 million years ago featuring a deadly encounter for the herbivorous dinosaur Fulgurotherium.


Dann Pigdon
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