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Standing up for what's right

Many of you probably own a copy of Spencer Lucas's "Dinosaurs: The

And so you probably have some sense of who he is.  And you might be
surprised to find he is beginning to come under scrutiny because there
are grounds for suspicion that he has been conducting some very
unsavory practices.  For the health of paleontology as a science, we
at dinosaur list management think that this suspicion needs to be
replaced.  Dr. Lucas needs either to be exonerated or held accountable
whichever seems more appropriate at the end of a fair investigation.

Given that some of our own have taken point in forcing the scrutiny
I'm a bit surprised that the issue has received so little notice on
the dinosaur list.  This message is intended in part to change that.

I have added a subtle link to the dinosaur list's home page
(dinosaurmailinglist.org).  If you follow that link you will find
contact information (as provided by Kevin Padian to the VRTPaleo
list).  I personally am planning to write as a professional scientist
to Stuart Ashman pointing out that his letter to Jeff Martz dated
November 16, 2007 was wholly unacceptable.  That response and a lot
more can be found at one of Mike Taylor's web pages, a link to which
is also provided at the link I've placed at the top of the dinosaur
list's home page.

We are awaiting the results of SVP's investigation into the incidents.
However, we are also considering organizing petition drives to SVP, the
state of New Mexico, or both in order to make sure that a full and
proper investigation is performed.  To date it appears to be an
understatement to say that the state of New Mexico has been hesitant.
We invite advice from others as to how we might best proceed to see
justice done.

We caution, however, that the list's policies are not suspended around
this issue.  This message and the responses it solicits are not about
attacking Lucas or his colleagues.  It's about seeing to it that
scientist's are given appropriate awards for their own and only their
own work.

Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)