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Re: "Bonn Scientists Simulate Dinosaur Digestion in the Lab"

--- mkirkaldy@aol.com wrote:
> "Bonn Scientists Simulate Dinosaur Digestion in the
> Lab"
> 06.02.2008
> "Scientists from the University of Bonn are
> researching which plants 
> giant dinosaurs could have lived off more than 100
> million years ago. 
> They want to find out how the dinosaurs were able to
> become as large as 
> they did. In actual fact such gigantic animals
> should not have existed. 
> The results of the research have now been published
> in the journal 
> 'Proceedings of the Royal Society B'."
> Mary
>From the above article:
<<The largest of these 'sauropod dinosaurs' with their
70 to 100 tonnes had a mass of ten full grown
elephants or more than 1000 average Germans.>>

Is that before or after their day at the beer &
bratwurst festival? (referring, of course, to the
Germans) --Mark
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