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Orkoraptor and Crichtonsaurus benxiensis

Here's two more new papers...

Novas, F.E., Ezcurra, M.D., and Lecuona, A. (accepted MS) _Orkoraptor burkei_ 
nov. gen. et sp., a large theropod from the Maastrichtian Pari Aike Formation, 
Southern Patagonia, Argentina.  Cretaceous Research doi: 

Abstract: "A new large theropod, _Orkoraptor burkei_ nov. gen. et nov. sp., 
from the
Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Pari Aike Formation of southern Patagonia is 
based on a
postorbital, quadratojugal, coronoid?, several teeth, an atlantal intercentrum 
neurapophysis, two caudal vertebrae, and the proximal half of tibia.  This new 
exhibits characteristics of maniraptorans (i.e., coelurosaurians more derived 
tyrannosaurids) including an upturned rostral process of the postorbital, the 
corner of which is widely concave.  Furthermore, teeth without denticles and 
carina in the
mesial margin resemble the condition of the maniraptoran clades Compsognathidae 
Deinonychosauria.  The new Patagonian theropod differs from other 
(Ornithomimosauria, Compsognathidae, Alvarezsauridae, Dromaeosauridae, Aves) in
having caudal vertebrae with a single pair of small pleurocoels on each side, 
and in having
a median depression flanked by two longitudinal and narrow furrows on each 
_Orkoraptor_ represents one of the southernmost carnivorous dinosaurs yet found 
in South
America and adds valuable information about the diversification of tetanuran 
theropods in

(_Orkoraptor_ is a large tetanuran [6-7 m long], maybe a coelurosaur.  The 
genus name is based on Orr-Korr (“Toothed River”), a name applied by Aoniken 
Patagonian native people to the La Leona River.)

Lu J., Ji Q., Gao Y., and Li Z. (2007) A new species of the ankylosaurid 
dinosaur _Crichtonsaurus_ (Ankylosauridae: Ankylosauria) from the Cretaceous of 
Liaoning Province, China.  Acta Geologica Sinica 81: 883-897.

Sorry, I'm not able to copy the Abstract; but the paper describes 
_Crichtonsaurus benxiensis_ from the Sunjiawan Formation (Cenomanian-Turonian), 
Beipiao, Liaoning Province.  This is the second species to be assigned to the 
genus _Crichtonsaurus_.  The paper is dated Dec 2007, but it may not have hit 
the presses until 2008, so I'm not sure if 2007 is the correct year of 


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