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RE: Orkoraptor and Crichtonsaurus benxiensis

Mike Keesey wrote:

> Thank goodness -- for a moment, I thought some paleontologist out
> there was a fan of the most annoying He-Man character.
> http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g125/valuemate/Orko.jpg

Oh... then you're not going to be too happy to learn of two new proposed 
genera: _Gazoosaurus_ and _Scrappydootherium_.     


While on the subject of new papers, this tete-a-tete recently appeared in "The 

Mayr, G. and Peters, D.S. (2007).  The foot of _Archaeopteryx_: Response to 
Feduccia et al. (2007).  The Auk 124: 1450-1452.

Feduccia, A., Martin, L.D., and Tarsitano, S. (2007).   Response to Mayr and 
Peters.  124: 1452. 

(No prizes for guessing who comes out best.)



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