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RE: Orkoraptor and Crichtonsaurus benxiensis

Tim Williams wrote:

While on the subject of new papers, this tete-a-tete recently appeared in "The Auk"...

Mayr, G. and Peters, D.S. (2007). The foot of _Archaeopteryx_: Response to Feduccia et al. (2007). The Auk 124: 1450-1452.

Feduccia, A., Martin, L.D., and Tarsitano, S. (2007). Response to Mayr and Peters. 124: 1452.

(No prizes for guessing who comes out best.)

My favorite line from Feduccia et al.:

"The presence or absence of serrations on the teeth
varies widely among related groups, but the avian
character of maniraptorian teeth is demonstrated
by the waisted crown and expanded root seen in at
least some examples."

Some maniraptor teeth are like bird teeth in one particular way. Therefore, all maniraptor teeth are bird teeth. Brilliant!

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