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RE: Dinosaurs Return to Life?

--- Ralph Miller <ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu>

> Discovery Channel will air a program called
> "Dinosaurs: Return to Life?" on
> Feb. 17, 18, 25, and 26, 2008.  The program will
> feature Jack Horner and
> Mary Schweitzer and will speculate on the
> possibility of genetically
> engineering a bird with a long tail, fingers, teeth,
> and scaly skin.
> Producer/director Dan Levitt claims: "Advances in
> genetic engineering are
> moving so fast that famed paleontologist Jack Horner
> believes that within
> our lifetime years it will be possible to
> retro-engineer a dinosaur-like
> creature from a bird."

> Bakker had suggested this idea quite a while back
> IIRC.  Is anyone actually
> working on this?

Thousands, if not millions of people. I don't know
whether Horner has any idea of the work involved. But
as you probably mean: working explicitly and
intentionally on it, probably none. You can't see the
dino for the teeth, so to say.

As regards the folks who seem most knowledgeable about
most of the issue, the Fallon group seems a good

(Make *what exactly* work? The unknowable condition in
non-avian theropods?

What may well be possible in 10 years already, or
maybe even in 5 perchance, is an ugly mess of a pullet
that dies shortly after hatching of, erm,


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