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RE: The Right-to-Left Shunt of Crocodilians Serves Digestion

On Fri, 8 Feb 2008, Hope, Sylvia wrote:

Birds lost it right about the time the first bird got up and tried to fly off
on a full stomach.

Well, this apparently does happen ;) but the examples I foud were for eagles

2-year-old bald eagle. Too gorged on food to fly away from us or the badgers that kept pestering him

Jan 12, 2001
A GOLDEN eagle that gorged itself so much on a kill it could not fly is on a diet after a guide found it waddling towards its mountain home in Volda, north of Oslo, Norway. It will be freed when it has digested the meal.

Sat Jan 12 2008 06:40 PM Bald Eagle deaths
At Least 19 Bald Eagles Die in Alaska

KODIAK, Alaska (Jan. 12) - At least 19 bald eagles died Friday after gorging themselves on a truck full of fish waste outside a processing plant.

At least 50 bald eagles gorged themselves on fish waste they found in a truck parked outside a processing plant in Alaska. They became too wet and slimy to fly or clean themselves, and suffered when temperatures dipped into the teens. At least 19 of them died Friday. Above, some of the survivors await rescue.

Eagle feathers are in great demand, and the hunter is always on the lookout for an eagle which has so gorged itself that it is almost helpless

This link http://elibrary.unm.edu/sora/Condor/files/issues/v018n05/p0200-p0201.html relates anecdotal tales of eagles too full to fly.

Birds have lost the shunt capability present in crocodiles and reptiles

- SH.