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Re: The aerodynamics of birds

Although I have the greatest respect for Wei Shyy (and, he's a nice guy to boot), the statement that

"Select military aircraft can withstand gravitational forces of 8-10 G. Many birds routinely experience positive G-forces greater than 10 G and up to 14 G."

sounds as though it may have been taken out of context by the reporter. The 8-10 G limit on military fighters is generally because that is the most that the occupants can withstand while remaining functional -- it has nothing to do with what the machines themselves can be built to withstand -- but, there is no point in actually building the fighters heavier so that they can withstand loads that would incpacitate or kill their occupants. I'm not sure that I'd expect a bird to routinely experience positive g-forces of 10-14 G either. Mike Habib, what sorts of load and safety factors are you seeing on avian long bones?


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No doubt about it... birds are biologic machines... :-)


Guy Leahy