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Re: Editorial in the Albuquerque Journal

On Feb 11, 2008 5:56 AM, Malcolm McCallum
<malcolm.mccallum@herpconbio.org> wrote:
> I was only indicating that getting your stuff out as
> fast as you can is typically a priority to prevent being the target of
> such unethical behavior.

I don't think this is the fault of the authors, though--the
_Heliocanthus_ paper was accepted 13 months before it was published. I
don't know for certain, but I'd imagine that the _Rioarribasuchus_
paper, which was much shorter and published in-house, had a much
faster turnaround time. Now, I'm sure some of those 13 months were
taken up with revisions, but surely most of that wait was due to the
fact that paper-based journals can only publish so much per issue.
Paper-based journals can't help but have some kind of bottleneck.

In the future, I think the solution will be brought about by the
transition of scientific publication from paper-based journals to
online journals. We're already in the early stages of this, but
there's a long way to go.

Other thoughts on this here:

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