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Re: Nemicolopterus

Tim Williams writes:

As for insectivory, the skull of _Nemicolopterus_ is long and slender, not broad and wide (as in anurognathids). Anurognathids have been interpreted as aerial insectivores (i.e., catching flying insects on the wing) - like the modern frogmouth (which is essentially what "Anurognathus" means). Until the discovery of _Nemicolopterus_, anurognathids were considered the most arboreal pterosaurs.

Nemi's beak looks more like that of a generalist to me (somewhere between 'blackbird' and 'miniature stork'). It would appear to be just as useful for prying out grubs as for plucking small fruit or foraging in leaf litter.


Dann Pigdon
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