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RE: Nemicolopterus

Nick Pharris wrote:

>> That one is more obvious, but *Anurognathus* may well be a pun --
>> it's not just tailless itself, it also has jaws like an anuran.
> You're right! Never made that connection before.
> My apologies to Tim.

No - I think you might be right.  When _Anurognathus_ was named, it seems to 
have been primarily intended to mean "tailless jaw".  I'm basing this on 
http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/names/ptero.htm (and when it comes to etymology, 
Ben Creisler usually knows his stuff.)  But the allusion to Anura may also be 
deliberate.  Might be a double entendre, as David suggests.

_Batrachognathus_ certainly means "frog jaw", though.



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