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Re: Determining the length of mandibular symphysis in pterosaurs

 In many of the specimens that Ive seen the crushing
tends to slightly exaggerate the depth of the mandible
along the symphysis, occasionally giving the false
impression of a sagittal crest, such as in
Pterodactylus antiquus. In the case of Nemicolopterus,
I would estimate that the mandibular symphysis ends at
the point, just behind the anterior margin of the AOF,
where that ventral margin of the mandible becomes a
smooth curve. Then again, my estimate would make the
extent of the symphysis greater than is quoted. To
actually answer your question then, not that I'm aware
of. I think all you can do is make an educated guess
based on your past observations.

Christopher Collinson

--- Ville Sinkkonen <villesink@gmail.com> wrote:

> In Nemicolopterus paper the authors note that
> mandibular symphysis occupies
> about 46% of the lowerjaw length.
> As far as I can tell the lowerjaw is only visible in
> lateral view. Is there
> a way to determine the length of the mandibular
> symphysis from lateral view
> alone?
> Cheers
> Ville Sinkkonen

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