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specimens of Thescelosaurus and Bugenasaura

Hey everyone,

I'm sending out a general request for assistance to the community.

I'm finishing up a paper on Thescelosaurus, and I wanted to make sure
I had evaluated all available material of relevance before submitting
it for review.  Specifically, I'm looking for any specimen that has
been referred to Thescelosaurus or Bugenasaura (either via publication
or simply within an institution's specimen catalog) that preserves ANY
portion of the skull and/or mandibles.  I have included a list of
specimens that meet this requirement at the end of this email. Please
reply off list if you know of any addition specimens.

Many thanks in advance to everyone and I apologize for cluttering the
inboxes of the vast majority of people who are thinking "what the heck
are Thescelosaurus and Bugenasaura?"

Clint Boyd
North Carolina State University

American Museum of Natural History:

Canadian Museum of Nature:

Los Angeles County Museum:

Museum of the Rockies

Museum of World Treasures - Witchita, KS
1 specimen

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

South Dakota School of M&T

Timber Creek and Area Museum
2 specimens

Triebold Paleontology
1 specimen

University of New Orleans
1 specimen