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Re: Question for the pterosaur set...

Here's what I have for it:

Unwin, D. M. and D. M. Martill. 2007. Pterosaurs of the Crato Formation. In Martill, D. M., G. Bechly, and R. F. Loveridge (eds.), The Crato Fossil Beds of Brazil: Window into an Ancient World. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. pp. 475-524.


Rob Taylor

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Could anyone please give me the reference for Unwin & Martill? I've only read the name on their poster during the pterosaur meeting, as Ingridia does not even appear on the abstracts volume.

Also, AFAIK Kellner & Campos (2007) paper with the name Tupandactylus was already in press when Kellner found out about Martill's intention, during the meeting, so please be careful with some assumptions.

Taissa Rodrigues


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There are definite shades of 'Aetogate' in this situation. Kellner and
Campos likely knew of Unwin et al.'s intention of publishing this name
beforehand and published anyway. Unfortunately, saving Ingridia at this
point can only be done with a petition to the ICZN, and it seems that
is an action most people are reluctant to do, no matter how well

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