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Northen Illinois University Shootings

Dear Friends,

Just a quick update regarding the tragedy at NIU yesterday.  As
mentioned all of the Burpee crew who attend classes at NIU are fine,
Burpee Curator Mike Henderson who teaches another geology class is fine.

Unfortunately the class that was attacked was an Intro to Oceanography
class taught by Ph.D. student, Joseph Peterson.  As some of you may
know, Joe was part of the team that discovered and excavated Jane our
juvy Tyrannosaurus.  Joe is also an SVP member, and has done a few
poster presentations at the annual meetings.  Joe was shot by the gunman
in the shoulder; fortunately Joe was not seriously injured and is
expected to make a recovery.  Joe emailed today and said he was ok.  I
wanted to update this so those of you who are friends with Joe know that
he is ok.  Once again, thank you all for your concerns. 

Scott Williams
Burpee Museum of Natural History