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RE: Northen Illinois University Shootings

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, and information. I will keep you 
updated on my progress. I do, however, have another question.

David Mindell, who I actually did an internship with,  just released a paper 
pertaining to the origination of avian lineages being in the cretaceous. Do you 
think this supports the secondary flightless issue? The Birds are Dinosaurs 
theory? Or neither? I would love to listen to your thoughts because I will be 
working on just this topic with Dr. Burnham next year.

Lonnie Matson

"Trilobites and dinosaurs, who were each around for more than a hundred million 
years, might be amused at a species here only a thousandth as long deciding to 
appoint itself the guardian of life on Earth. That species is itself the