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Re: "Dinosaurs: Return To Life? "

Lonnie Allen Matson writes:

I wonder why Emu was chosen as a logical candidate for a Velociraptor like creature? Personally I would start with a Cassowary.

Cassowaries are an endangered species. Emus aren't. If you're going to start messing around with DNA, I imagine it'd be a lot harder to justify tinkering with an endangered species than with a common one.

Besides; cassowaries are dangerous enough creatures as they are. If I was making a velociraptor-simulant, I'd prefer to start with a more docile species of ratite. Giving a cassowary teeth, clawed arms and a sharper toe claw would be like giving a psychopath a rocket launcher - the result might be interesting, but you'd want to observe from a distance.


Dann Pigdon
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