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Re: "Dinosaurs: Return To Life? "

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Subject: RE: "Dinosaurs: Return To Life? "

Unfortunately, in order to get people saying "WOW!"?Discovery
Channel?frequently uses experts who oversimplify this sort of thing.? Kids
soak this stuff up like a sponge.? Half of them already believe that the
"science" of Jurassic Park is gospel.

Several years ago, I was being interviewed for Discovery News about how pterosaurs land (I forget whether NBC News or ABC News had the production contract for the Discovery News at that time). They kept redoing the take over and over while asking me to make it shorter and simpler so that an eight year old could understand it. Finally, I blurted out, "If I make it any shorter and simpler, I won't be able to understand it" !

The experts aren't oversimplifying stuff on purpose. You can generally thank the producers for that.